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Apply To eCom Trends

We only select the highest quality of candidates.

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Celebrate If You Are Accepted

We only select a hand picked group of outstanding individuals.

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Put The Product Trend Reports To Use

Build your business with insider knowledge on product trends.

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We track every topic across the internet to identify growing trends.

  • Monthly Trend Signals

  • Insights For Each Trend

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step by step

We use predictive analytics to track every topic across the internet.

See The Future

Early identification of trends.

We only select the highest quality of candidates.

Verify Early Signals

Certainty around trend momentum.

We only select a hand picked group of outstanding individuals.

Take Advantage Of Opportunities

Be in the know. Before everyone else.

Build your business with insider knowledge on product trends.

Reports with actionable insights

Your next business idea delivered monthly

  • Monthly Reports

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I wanted to say Big creds to eCom Trends, the program is great, been using some of their methods along with my journey, and they have been really profitable! By scaling multiple winning products I found through eCom Trends I was able to generate 2.5 Million in 14 months! I'm not here to brag or anything, if I can do this with eCom trends anybody can do it.


ceo at start e-commerce

I Just wanted to thank the team at eCom Trends for helping me find my first winning product I was really struggling to make sales in my business before I found you guys. I was just testing random products and nothing seemed to work. Once I was accepted into the ecom trends program it wasnโ€™t long after until my business exploded. Iโ€™m forever grateful for you guys.



If any of you are on the fence about eCom Trends let me tell you my experience. In the beginning of September I was about $5-10k down in fb ads. Following eCom Trends product research I rocketed to $700 a day. I contacted eCom Trends mid October when I plateaued around $700 a day After a comprehensive 1-on-1 session and implementing what they mentioned I hit my first $1k day almost immediately afterwards. I still haven't pulled the trigger as hard as they suggested (I have a nice profit margin and building the kitty for the New Year), but still hit +$2k days pretty effortlessly. I was one of the lucky one's to preview this content and what eCom Trends teaches is everything they taught me on our 1-on-1 and much more. This course is massive for anyone who's actually serious about dropshipping or e-commerce. It is literally insane value.



eCom Trends is my secret weapon, I feel like I can see into the future. It's Magical. Honestly if I wasn't so stoked about it, I wouldn't even want anyone to know it exists so it could be all mine. A++



6 Ascending Trends

2 Exponential Trends

2 Brand New Signals

Before It Happens Alerts

Insights For Each Trend

How To Capitalize Analysis

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Revenue Generated from reports




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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use eCom Trends?

Don't waste anymore time building a business around a product that might not sell, use eCom Trends to spot products before other entrepreneurs.

How Do I Use The Trends Reports?

The eCom Trends Reports are used to spot opportunity before the crowd. The products we analyze are showing signals that they are about to explode in popularity, sell these products before your competition catches on and you can profit big time.

Why Do I Have To Apply To eCom Trends?

To keep the quality high we only want to accept entrepreneurs who take action and are a good fit for the program. This helps to keep the proprietary trends analysis in the hands of entrepreneurs who will create world leading businesses. It also subsequently lowers competition for existing members of eCom Trends.

How Do I Apply To eCom Trends?

Simply press the button that says "See If You Qualify" and fill out the 1 minute application form, we will then use artificial intelligence to process your application and let you know if you are accepted in seconds.

How Much Does It Cost To Enrol In eCom Trends?

It costs $1 for the first 14 days as a trial then it is billed as $67 every 4 weeks.

Can I Cancel eCom Trends If I Don't Like It?

No hard feeling at all, you can cancel eCom Trends anytime you like with absolutely no commitment.

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